Super Green Spring Mosaic Tiles 30 cm x 30 cm | 8mm (13GG-FK02)

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  • Suitable for Bathroom, Kitchen Walls or Background Walls.
  • Mosaic sheet is approx 30cm x 30cm in size x 8mm Thickness.
  • Mosaics are mounted onto a mesh backing for easy fixing.
  • Sheets can be cut down easily using a scissors or knife to create mosaic borders.
  • 11 sheets make up one square meter.

A great way to add a touch of intrigue to any bathroom, kitchen, and lounge wall, Nice glass Mosaics are brimming with understated elegance and feature a three-dimensional surface design enhanced by small decor pieces. This beautiful Green Spring Shimmer elegant tiles for bathroom and kitchen backsplash tiles squares 12 in. x 12 in. mesh-mounted mosaic, infusing your space with a sharp look and contemporary flair.
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