Grey & Baltic Sea Glass Stone Mosaic Tiles 30 x 30 cm | 8mm (PTLN-06)

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  • Suitable for Bathroom, Kitchen Walls or Background Walls.
  • Mosaic sheet is approx 30cm x 30cm in size x 8mm Thickness.
  • Mosaics are mounted onto a mesh backing for easy fixing.
  • Sheets can be cut down easily using a scissors or knife to create mosaic borders.
  • 11 sheets make up one square meter.

Go big on monochromes and add some sparkle to proceedings in one fell swoop with these Trout Grey and Baltic Sea modular mosaics. Brimming with 1980s-inspired retro aesthetics and constructed from durable glass, these mosaics are a great way to add character to kitchens and bathrooms. You can either deploy as a border or decal accent or go the whole hog and create an entire feature wall - the only limit is you imagination! This beautiful Piano Trout Grey and Baltic Sea Sparkle Shimmer elegant tiles for bathroom and kitchen backsplash tiles squares 12 in. x 12 in. mesh-mounted mosaic, infusing your space with a sharp look and contemporary flair.
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